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Intuitive 'Living your Essence' Writing

Workshop Intuitive 'Living your Essence' Writing

Would you like to express your true self? Discovering your essence in a creative way?

In the months to come, I am going to launch a workshop called Intuitive 'Living your Essence' Writing. I envision a wonderful location at the beach or in a beautiful garden to start.

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Example of Intuitive 'Living your Essence' Writing

Close your eyes 
just for a second
and imagine..
..imagine you're in a garden
watching all the flowers
just blooming
showing themselves in all their beauty
and then you see them
the wonderful butterflies
you are enjoying the view
sipping from your drink
waiting for what wants to happen

Today is the day
you are going to listen
to this soulful inner voice
inside of you
it is already knowing
that this is the day
that you're going to listen
and really hear
what is going to be said
to write it down
so you can see
in black and white
what your inner voice
wants you to know
and wants you to show
just to yourself
or to the world
small or big
it’s not important
just sharing 
that’s all what your soul wants
and all you can do
is just listen
and write
.. just write..

I already see myself being there and being your guide during this workshop. Do you already see yourself being there and listen, just listen .. and write?

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