Let your heart and soul be touched by your own Sparkles .. and live the life you are meant to live.


Discover what makes you sparkle

For me, Sparkles from the Soul are my talents and my gifts I love to share with the world. I truly believe that we all have our own talents and gifts to share, whether that is just with one person or with millions. 
It is an inner journey of exploring and discovering what makes you happy, what makes you sparkle .. and when you find your own sparkles, it is as if there is a warm light inside of you that spreads its light like a lighthouse does.

Living your Essence is when you are using and enjoying your Sparkles, living the life you're meant to live.

It all started with a Sparkles from the Soul box

Sparkles from the Soul started with just the box with 44 beautiful cards and now it has its own brand. I offer a variety of products and services: from coaching & Intuitive writing workshops to the Sparkles Collection, which you can find in my webshop as of autumn 2024. 
A very special project will also start autumn 2024. This project is called ‘Sparkles with Love’.

About Marja Sas  

Hi, I’m a former secretary turned creator, photographer, visual storyteller, and seeker of my inner truth and essence.

In my life I have been confronted with unwanted childlessness and with non-hodgkin lymphoma. I had to deal with all kinds of emotions and I didn’t know how. There and then I started my inner journey. There were ups and downs in my journey, and each time I chose to go on. I’ll never say that I am glad to have had cancer .. what I do say is that it made me richer in my inner life. I saw myself as that beautiful flower bud and slowly this bud opened itself and showed itself as a wonderful flower. 

After knowing I was cancer free I
realized I never could go back to my work as secretary. I tried and failed and so I made a radical change.

Work with me

After some serious studies I became a Loss, Grief and Mourning Therapist and also a certified TPLC Coach (TPLC stands for Transformational Presence Leadership & Coaching) (Transformational Presence.org).

On my inner journey, I discovered that I love exploring the depth in myself. I learned so much about myself, uncovered my innate talents, and learned to overcome my inner obstacles. In 2020 I chose to let myself be seen to the world with my own Sparkles.

I love writing stories and taking photos. I had so many ideas about what I could do with them, but none of them ever saw the sparkling daylight. Because now I was facing a new challenge… how to be visible in a way that is aligned with my essence, my true self?
Because I didn’t have the answers yet, I was holding myself back. I was afraid of what the world would say if I stepped out of my really safe comfort zone .. at least that is what my Inner Critic told me.

So after a lot of inner explorations, I was finally ready to take the step .. to do what I am meant to do and live my dream .. live my essence .. and the Sparkles from the Soul are a magical part of my essence.

At that moment, a new pathway opened up for me. I embarked on  the ‘Enchanted Brand Journey’ (more information on True Connections Branding) that aligns my brand with my essence. I was in awe with everything I discovered about myself and about what I want to share with you. 

As much as I was in awe, I also met my resistance with certain things on this journey. I needed this resistance as well. I had to listen, to explore, to discover, and then I could move again. I find it really fascinating what can happen when you are truly prepared to listen to what wants to be said and what wants to be seen on your inner journey. I had learned to see the world through my unique brand style, and to approach situations and make choices in a way that aligns with my essence.
This created the breakthrough I needed to become fully visible.

The brand Sparkles from the Soul is me .. me letting myself be seen by you .. living my essence .. living my life as I am meant to live it.

Example of a story: my authentic journey

I like to share with you some lines from the story I wrote about my Authentic Journey.

..It took me a lot of years
Years with learning
years with studies
years with exploring
with discovering
Years with love and loss
learning to enjoy life again
learning to know myself
every time a little bit more
going to my essence ..

You can read more stories  here.

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