Let your heart and soul be touched by your own Sparkles .. and live the life you are meant to live.

The Sparkles Collection

I am a photographer and a visual storyteller. I love to be in nature because Mother Nature shares so many things and is generous in her wisdom. Photos can be so strong that when I look at a photo, the words that want to be told just emerge. It is a magical process of exploring and creating. I never ever would have thought that, at one day, I would be sharing my photos and stories with the world, with you.

Following my inner feeling and deeper, inner knowing, I could no longer deny it. Here it is: my Sparkles Collection. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating this collection.

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The Sparkles from the Soul

A box with 44 beautiful cards, which can be used in so many ways.  You can use them for yourself, in coaching, in workshops, or you can send a special person a sparkling card. You also can give the box with Sparkles as a present to yourself or to a loved one. 

You can read more about the Sparkles from the Soul  here.

The Story Cards

These cards give you a wonderful image with some lines from the Story that has been written with that image in mind. It is a magical combination of words and  images that helps you to see beyond the surface. The Story Cards invites you to see and listen from the heart.

People you know would love to receive a story card from you. It is a true gift from the Soul. You can read more about the Story Cards here.

Cards for the Soul

Beautiful cards made from photos I took during my walks with our dog, on my own at the beach, or in our garden. You can give yourself these soulful cards as a gift. You can collect all sets, use them like the cards from the Sparkles from the Soul, or put a card somewhere in your house or workplace. Other people would love to receive a Card for the Soul with a message from you, or even a set of cards. Please click here to read more about the Cards for the Soul.

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