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Sparkles with Love

Sparkles with Love

So happy to share with you that the Sparkles with Love are going to be a gift from me to you or your loved one. In my free time I love to crochet little fluffy toys. I call them Sparkles with Love. 

Each month, starting mid 2023, I’ll post a photo of one of the Sparkles with Love on Social Media and in my newsletter. You can get this Sparkle fluffy toy for free. I’ll only ask you to write your own little story about why you would love to receive a Sparkle of the Sparkles with Love family. You can nominate yourself or you can nominate someone else .. I’ll leave that up to you. At the end of the month I will, together with a dear friend of mine, choose the person that will get the Sparkle. They will receive a personal message from me.

I love to be creative, so I already have a lot of fluffy toys in my house. It’s time that some of the fluffy toys, my Sparkles with Love, will find another house to live in. Made with love, I’ll lovingly send them to the new owner.

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