Let your heart and soul be touched by your own Sparkles .. and live the life you are meant to live.

Story Cards

Sometimes images and words speak for themselves. That is what happens when you combine them and create magical Story Cards. They just are what they are: cards with a story that captures your heart and soul. It'll be a delightful experience. Each card is unique and each photo has been taken by me and is with lines from a story I have written.

It works so magically. I wrote the Story ‘Mirrors from the Soul’ with a photo in mind. That is how my intuitive story writing works for me. Afterwards, I searched for this photo in my archive but I just couldn’t find it. As I was scrolling through my photos, I found this one .. a photo taken before the digital camera’s even existed. I scanned the negative and restored the digital outcome of the scan. I was really in awe of the result. This image matched my story wonderfully, and so the Story Cards were born.

By sending a Story Card you’re not only sending a card, you also give the receivers a heart-warming feeling just by thinking of them and sending them the Story Card that is just meant for them.
You can also give yourself a Story Card, putting the card on your working desk just to see and feel what it means to you.
For me it is a real joy to create them and for you it can be such a joy to send this card to a special person in your life .. maybe this special person is just you. You know which Story Card to send. Let your heart and soul speak, listen .. and you’ll know.

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