Let your heart and soul be touched by your own Sparkles .. and live the life you are meant to live.

Sparkles from the Soul - the Cards

Sparkel and my Sparkles

How a puppy can change one's life...

Puppy Sparkel - copyright Marja Sas Puppy Sparkel - copyright Marja Sas

It was May 2015 when puppy Sparkel came into my life and it was at the end of 2016 when I had to let him go. In his short life he challenged and invited me to connect with my inner strength and use it for myself. It started off an exploration and an inner journey to find what I really wanted in life .. or even more, what I am being called here to do.

I love taking photos and I love writing stories but I had never ever thought of doing something with it. But during my inner journey, it became so clear that I wanted to share my photos with the world. 

I love being in nature. So together with Sparkel, I walked a lot in our polder and on the beach. I always took my camera with me. This resulted in some beautiful and magical photos..
On those walks my dream and my photos came beautifully together. I decided to create my own box with cards, made from my own photos.

Sparkles from the Soul - a box with 44 beautiful cards

The name was born easily .. it had to be Sparkles from the Soul. Sparkel taught me to look for my own gems, for my own sparkles and to live them. The end result is a box with 44 beautiful cards that you can use in several ways.
You can use them for yourself, in coaching, in workshops or you can send a special person a sparkling card. You also can give the box with Sparkles as a present to yourself or to someone else.

Just pick a card from the box and look with the eyes of your heart
and feel what the image is letting you know

Puppy Sparkel will always be in my heart

I am so grateful he came into my life and taught me what I had to learn
So I could dare to follow my dream
and publish this box with cards called 'Sparkles from the Soul'

The 'Sparkles from the Soul' box can be ordered in the webshop as of autumn 2024. 
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