Let your heart and soul be touched by your own Sparkles .. and live the life you are meant to live.


by Marja Sas, August 11th, 2021

I am sitting in my chair
Somewhere on the beach
The sea just in front of me
A writing journal on my lap
And a pencil in my hand

I am just pondering
About the path I walk
About how I found my way
In writing what wants to be said

The writing is the easy part
The doubt after the writing
That was the hardest part
For me
Well you know ..
I am so used to hear this voice
It always says that it isn’t good enough
That I am not good enough
That no one wants to read my stories
I am so confident with this voice
Always listened to it 

And on my inner journey
Finding my way
To live my essence
To embrace my Sparkles
I also found the courage
To belief in myself
To belief in my essence
To belief in my Sparkles

So from that day forward
I just write
And tell my stories