Let your heart and soul be touched by your own Sparkles .. and live the life you are meant to live.

Inner Scars

by Marja Sas, November 3rd, 2020

While creating these cute little bears
Emotions and memories pass by
It reminds me of the scars of life
We all have and know them
I do
I have scars from surgery
I have scars that no one can see
My inner scars
Only I know they are there
And my loved ones

Memories of those inner scars
Let themselves be felt
This creating process is more than making these cute little bears
It is a journey inside to the scars I have
Knowing that I learned to take care of them
Giving my love and care
Just in what they need
Sometimes there is just a memory
A memory that makes me smile
Or a memory that makes me cry

The memories just come
With a song I hear
A person I see
A program I watch
A story I read
A feeling I feel
Creating a cute little bear
I have learned to take care of my inner scars
And I am still learning
I never know when the memories come
Or what feelings come with those memories
A tender smile
Or a tear

What I do know
Is to take care of what I feel
To take care of my inner scars
By being tender to myself
Loving myself
Embracing myself
Letting me be with what is
And with what want to be felt
Sometimes just in silence
Sometimes sharing with a loved one
Sometimes with tears
.. and .. knowing I can take care
Take care of my inner scars

My inner scars
Are connected with love
Where there is love
There is loss
There are scars
And each scar
Asks something from me
It needs special care and love from me

Those scars are a part of me
They can be touched
Now and then
By a word
A sound
A smell
A song

And with a tear
Or a tender smile
I remember
And take care of my inner scars

So little bears
With your cute loving faces
Thank you for reminding me
And ..
For being here with me!!